The studio is equipped with Pro Tools HD and Genelec 5.1 monitoring.


Receiving and sending files has become the norm within the industry, therefore the studio is

connected to high speed fibre-optic broadband which makes it ideal for file-based workflows.


Send me your OMFI or AAF  and corresponding Quicktime video file, and I'll return your final mixes and stems.



Other kit includes:



  • AVID HD IO Audio Interface

  • SPL Surround Monitoring Controller

  • Waves Plug-Ins

  • Waves & iZotope Loudness Mixing/Metering Plug-ins

  • Soundminer SFX Library

  • Drawmer MX60 Mic Pre Amp

  • Microphones - Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Rode

  • Sound Devices SD-302 Location Mixer

  • Allen & Heath Zed 14 Mixing Desk

  • Allen & Heath ICE-16 Multitrack Recorder/Interface

  • Zoom F8n - 8 Channel Multitrack Location Recorder